Saturday, August 27, 2016

Blast from the Past: 1984: China and Taiwan: A Web of Unofficial Contacts

Full text is available online from the NYTimes site. With the China "cut off" of "official" communications, it is important to remember the web of unofficial communications that have existed between Taiwan and China for decades.

In the ICRT podcast below we discussed the forums through which Taiwan cities host Chinese cities. These represent useful unofficial channels, one of many. Note that Chen Chu has invited Chinese reps to her upcoming shindig, and they haven't responded. As I said in the podcast, if China had a policy, it would already have responded. It seems to me that Beijing does not know how to handle a pro-Taiwan administration in power...
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an angry taiwanese said...

This week Taiwan Talk has a very good balance of heaviness and humor. Very enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended to Taiwan and China ESL students.

Michael you said, 'I love it personally...', referring to overseas Chinese Nationalists ousting Taiwanese Wang. :-) This is a good test for all foreign correspondents if they truely understand Taiwan politics. Forbes guy for sure won't pass.

Glad Megapanama was brought up to start the program. This money laundering storm will loom larger and larger. ICRT should not let it go.

PokemonGo will go but KMTmonster will never leave our human society until it is slayed thoroughly.

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, I appreciate it~!

Anonymous said...

For Chinese silence can be a way to say "No", that saves face for both sides.

Anonymous said...

Is there a podcast link "below"?

Alex Feldstein said...

I'd love a link to the Podcast to listen to it and get a fuller picture.