Thursday, December 03, 2015

WARNING: MRT Rant copycats want your $$

People fish for lots of things in Taiwan.

The MRT incident involving using racist/xenophobic/sexist attacks as a suit-baiting may be generating copycats. A friend posted this to his Facebook:
So here's the thing, I'm wondering if the idea of insulting the expat, getting a rise out of him, seeing if he insults or assaults you physically so that you can get money out of him, is this a "thing" now? My son and I just had our little episode outside of a Watson's in Xinzhuang. The guy even threw beetle-nut husks at us as we were getting into our car. Two things saved him: 1. He insulted me and not my son 2. My phone is full and couldn't record a video of his sorry a#%!
Be on the lookout for this, keep your cool. As long as you do not swear and do not get physical, you should be fine. Exit the area ASAP if possible. My friend said that this guy not only screamed at him, but also attempted to block him from pulling out of his parking space. He obviously wanted my friend to attack him...
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Anonymous said...

And if you do attack him, be sure to kill him.

F-- Taiwan's legal system.

les said...

Note that the origins of the fake traffic accident are in 1950's Taipei, where the poor would throw themselves under vehicles carrying or driven by foreigners. Of course this stopped when the economic boom got underway.

Sean said...

Don't listen to Anonymous' post that if you attack someone that you should kill them, that's not true at all and how you get tried and convicted for murder.

Mike Fagan said...

I am not convinced by this interpretation - at least of the original MRT incident. What evidence is there that the MRT guy was after cash? You can't sue somebody if you can't correctly identify them to the authorities, and he had no way to correctly identify Christopher Hall (until he self-identified to the camera).

Instead, I believe he targeted Christopher Hall because of his appearance and the cheap thrill of being able to humiliate a foreigner and get away with it. I very much doubt he'd have targeted a physically larger and more imposing man.

Anonymous said...

The police really hate murder--then they'd HAVE to fill out a form.