Thursday, December 17, 2015

Riding through the 2016 Election

I am posting at the China Policy Institute's Taiwan 2016 blog today: Riding through the 2016 election. Go thou and enjoy!
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Brian Castle said...

Good pics and comments as usual, but why is your post on Taiwanese politics placed in a "China Policy Institute Blog"?

Anonymous said...

* The future of most KMT legislative candidates after this election. ~ yep!

Good riddance KMTards.

* It is spineless how the kmt'ers won't display their party symbol in their ads. It's as pathetic as hiding the national flag when their comrades are in town.

* After 30+ years, the fisting pose needs to be retired.

Mike Fagan said...

For the benefit of a casual troll like yourself Brian, obviously! ;-)

Brian Castle said...

Don't make fun of my casual trolling. It's only temporary. I'm working to save up enough money to stop casual trolling and go pro.