Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hegemonic Warfare Watch: China rolls the border towards Korea

Near Jiji.

DPP Candidate Tsai Ing-wen promises a No Provocations, No Surprises policy with China, but what will Beijing do? The annexation via economic integration proceeds apace, with the Ministry of Economic Affairs promising to fast track carefully scrutinize the deal under which a Chinese firm buys into key Taiwan semiconductor industry firms in the latest example of that...

But then, we may be lucky that China already treats Taiwan as a satrapy of Beijing, so it doesn't mess with the territory. Today news came out that China has told Korea it wants the marine border rolled back 100 kilometers towards Korea...
During their discussions, the Chinese side proposed that the problem of overlapping exclusive economic zones in the Yellow Sea should be solved by the demarcation line being moved to the east, closer to the Korean coast, on the grounds that China is larger, has a bigger population and a longer coastline than South Korea.

Under Beijing's proposal, the Ieo sea mount - first charted by the British merchant vessel Socotra in 1900 and initially named Socotra Rock - would fall under Chinese control. The feature is 93 miles from the Korean coast and 178 miles from China.

Seoul's position is that the demarcation line should lie half-way between the two nations' coastlines, as is considered the international norm.
I can't imagine what Beijing is thinking, pushing South Korea to make common cause with Taiwan and Japan, especially when it enjoys excellent relations with South Korea.
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Mike Fagan said...

Why does Beijing want to push back their maritime border with Korea? Well, I can easily answer that question for you:

It is because they are a bunch of C U Next Tuesdays.

That is a very good picture, by the way.

les said...

This is how Beijing rewards those who toe it's line.

Anonymous said...

A story that (unsurprisingly) seems to have been minimized or ignored completely by the MSM. Do you have a link to your source?

Anonymous said...

Re: Six shortfalls in Taiwan businesses, the author missed the most glaring shortfall, that is: Taiwanese manufacturers need to stop being such cheapskate pussies who are afraid to take any business chances on new product ideas.

Taiwanese business people are lemmings. I call it the coffee shop mentality. No one wants to take a chance on anything unless 10+ other people have done it before them. This is the though process of Taiwanese: Oh, that coffee shop is successful, therefore I will open a coffee shop right next door to it. The next Taiwanese thinks the same, and the next and next.

Even new product ideas that you bring them that fit in perfectly with their existing line and will give a company an enormous marketing boost for very little investment, they don't want to do.

In addition, they need to wake up and look at what is really happening in the world. That is, THERE IS NO FVCKING RECOVERY. Taiwanese business people need to think outside the box and create new markets. The old way of doing things (when they were lucky in the 80s/90s with no competition) is not coming back. Ever.