Friday, June 12, 2015

KMT Primary is here! Hung hits Youtube....

The KMT announced that its primary poll would begin today and the results would be announced on Sunday night. Meanwhile KMT deputy speaker of the legislature and its sole and only Presidential primacy candidate Hung Hsiu-chu, my Fiery Little Chili Pepper, is off campaigning in Taichung.

I'll be out biking this weekend on the east coast and looking forward with great interest to Sunday's poll. Meanwhile enjoy this campaign video Hung's campaign threw together, with her song (h/t Looks like while her policies are following Ma, her campaign will be replicating Sean Lien's campaign for Taipei mayor.
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TaiwanJunkie said...

I just voted, Hung is crushing all other competitors with a solid 71% support!

the youtube was quite inspiring, especially the nuclear blast early on followed by a second blast toward the end.


Michael Turton said...

I love the Terminator II style nuclear blasts

Greg Hao said...

>her campaign will be replicating Sean Lien's campaign for Taipei mayor.

Michael, that's a bit harsh, Sean Lien's music choice was much better! Heh.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest advantages of Hung vs. Tsai is that it would eliminate any gender disadvantage for Tsai. Instead of woman vs. man, it would be woman vs. woman.

Tommy said...

What a dull song! I love the appeal to the "nianqing pengyou" in a video jam-packed with visits to seniors. That's nice and all, but there is nothing in this video that is relevant to the lives of people under 20, or even 30.