Monday, July 14, 2014

Events+ John Garnaut on the PRC, White Wolf, Triads, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

The road up to Xitou, on the west side of the gorge.

John Garnaut has a trio on triads, the White Wolf, and PRC expansionism, annexation, and nationalism. From this one:
"White Wolf?" snaps one of Chang An-lo's assistants, a man with a huge forehead and pockmarked face, who eyes me suspiciously. "What White Wolf? "Whoever calls him that? You mean you are looking for President Chang!" It's only after I name-drop members of the Chinese Communist Party aristocracy that he ushers me into an inner office space, where he jots down my details and gives me an undertaking that my name will be passed on to the "President". In an adjacent room I notice a resplendent dragon, carved from a million-dollar slab of Burmese jade, suggesting that the business of pan-Chinese patriotism has some pay-offs. Last year another CUP branch office was raided by the police, who alleged that it was a front for one of Chang's Bamboo Union proteges to engage in organised crime, extortion, illegal ownership of guns and drugs, and rape.
There are two others, here and here (on Hong Kong).

EVENTS: sorry, wanted to post this: Jerome Keating's next meetup is Sunday the 20th of July:

Speaker: Brandon Thompson
Brandon is from Canada, entertains in 3 languages. Sings, plays instruments and acts. a consumate entertainer.
He trained with Second City Training Center, Toronto (nothing to do with Rob Ford)
Has participated in Taiwan's Spring Scream, Peacefest, and Canada Day.
Acts with Taipei Players and Taipei Improv.
One of the bands he is with is Adoga Band.

Topic: Ex-pats and the entertainment business in Taiwan; want to get in? what are some pitfalls to watch? What about visa issues and work permits?
Brandon has APRC by the way and has been around the Taiwan block.

The venue is the same as it has traditionally been. Time is 10 am.
The meeting location is the restaurant 婷婷翠玉 at 174 AnHe Road, Section Two. (rough translation of name is Tender, Pretty Green Jade.) You will be able to tell the restaurant by the lace curtains on the window--it was used in a TV commercial a while back. (We will have the downstairs room--breakfast cost will range between NT$100 and NT$150. Everyone buys their own)

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