Saturday, February 08, 2014

Keating Meetup IMPORTANT and SOAS Taiwan film week

Running into my students while out biking.

First Jerome Keating with important meetup news the 9th and 22nd. For the 9th (tomorrow)
Speaker:  Brock Freeman, who founded American Citizens for Taiwan.  It may be good to hear about things going on on the other side of the pond, and also just get back togetherto catch up with each other after the lunar holidays.
So,  Sunday meeting.   10 am. February 9th.
Topic:“How Fear and Loathing in America is Fertilizing Growing American Grassroots Support for Taiwan”
Brock Freeman, Director, American Citizens for Taiwan; ACT educates Americans on the importance of Taiwan to the U.S. & works to strengthen the U.S.-Taiwan relationship by providing tools for the internet generation to tell their members of Congress to support Taiwan related legislation.

Anyone who has not let me know they are coming please do so.

Next: Advance Notice for 2nd follow up meeting on Feb. 22.
On Saturday Feb.  22, we will have a second 10 am. Venue to be decided.

Four Congressional Aides from the USA will be in Taiwan on a Fact-finding tour.They represent those in the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

They will speak briefly on what Congressional Aides do and their mission and then they will want to hear from us "Joe Ex-pat and Joe-Taiwan" on what we feel the USA needs to know about Taiwan.
This will be a little like a town hall meeting and a chance to get some of your views heard.

On this one (the 22), while there is no free lunch, the breakfast will be FREE;  I have an angel covering us; but I am giving you advance notice since I am expecting a bigger crowd and need to plan the venue appropriately.
Meanwhile, for those of you in the UK, SOAS is having its Taiwan Film Week the 10th to the 14th.
Feb 10-14 Taiwan Film Week
We had the overseas Taiwanese film director Anita Chang in London in late January. Her two post screening Q&As are on the CTS facebook and here:
AmCham Taichung has two events, the Feb 11 happy hour 7-9 pm at Hotel One and....
European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) CEO Freddie Hoeglund as February Dinner Meeting Guest Speaker.
Mr. Hoeglund will be introducing his organization--the second-largest international business association in Taiwan with 850 members representing 400 companies and institutions--and discuss trade issues facing European companies in Taiwan. Mr. Hoeglund is also currently Vice Chairman of the European Business Organisations (EBO) Worldwide Network, a global network of 25 European chambers of commerce located outside of the European Union.
Don't miss this unprecedented opportunity--Taichung AmCham and ECCT members and non-members are welcome!
Date: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014Time: 6:30pmLocation: Hotel OneCost: $850 for members, $950 for non-membersRSVP to River Chen at
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Where is tomorrow's meetup? And fee?

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Yes, again you post in a sorta passive aggressive "I'm a cool kid, so of course I know where it is", but plebs....move along.

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