Friday, September 06, 2013

BREAKING: Minister of Justice to be indicted after SID investigation

Cutting a key.

Taiwan rocked and rolled to the news today that the Minister of Justice Tseng Yung-fu is going to be indicted by the SID, the special investigative unit. All day long Taiwan's multitude of news channels spoke as one, breathlessly discussing the case.

The basic claim is this: Kerr Chien-ming, a DPP politico, was on trial for something or other involving someone or something. He was found not guilty. Investigators were tapping his phones in conjunction with another case being built against him, when they allegedly recorded him asking Wang Jin-pyng, the dapper KMT Speaker and man-about-legislature, to ask Tseng to intervene with the prosecutors and have them drop any bid to seek an appeal of the not guilty verdict. If you're interested, UDN has some details in Chinese.

Tseng is already getting pressure to resign -- and is refusing (UPDATED: now has resigned) -- and is claiming that the head of the SID is pursuing a vendetta against him and making up charges. The two apparently dislike each other. There's just so much to savor about the awesomeness of the spectacle of the Minister of Justice claiming his own investigators are making up charges (cue Captain Renault) and the Ma Administration suffering another blow. President Ma even added bonus fun, intoning that "justice must never be politicized"

Stay tuned. This one will be endless fun.

In case you needed a score card, United Daily News has provided one:

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Anonymous said...

What is 加温刀?

Mike Fagan said...

It's Taiwanese; it means to go to someone's home to eat.