Friday, September 20, 2013

Taiwan Communique 143 Out

Found this in my inbox:


We are pleased to let you know that the new issue of Taiwan Communiqué is hot off the press (attached). This issue starts with a summary and analysis of the recent developments under the heading Taiwan’s Watergate, focusing on President Ma’s attempt to oust Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng.

Then we have a section titled Long Hot Summer, with an overview of the developments during July and August 2013, in particular the mass protest against the KMT government’s handling of the death of a conscript in military custody, which led to the resignation of two successive defense ministers within one week.

We also summarize the developments surrounding the Nuclear Four issue, which saw the government pushing for a referendum and people’s demonstrations against it because of its deceptive nature.

This is followed by a piece on International space for Taiwan, in which we summarize the steps taken by the US Congress on getting Taiwan to attend the ICAO Conference in September-October, and the results.

We then present an update on the case of former President Chen Shui-bian, who’s case was discussed in an extensive NYTimes article. We also present a summarize of legislation introduced in the US Congress by Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ), urging a medical parole.

In the Report from Washington we report on the progress of the Taiwan Policy Act, as well as an appeal to the Department of Defense to move forward with the sale of submarines to Taiwan. We also mention the introduction of a new resolution in the House of Representatives to get Taiwan into the United Nations.

Last but not least we have a “Book Review” which is actually a preview of a fascinating exhibit which will be held this Fall in Long Beach CA, titled “Out of Taiwan” focusing on the links between many of the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands with Taiwan’s indigenous inhabitants.

Below you find the table of contents. The electronic version will be uploaded to our websites and The hardcopy will be sent out to those who are on our mailing list next week.

Best regards,
Gerrit van der Wees
Editor, Taiwan Communiqué
Formosan Association for Public Affairs

CONTENTS Taiwan Communiqué no 143

September/ October 2013

Taiwan's "Watergate"
President Ma moves to oust Legislative Speaker ... 1

"Influence peddling" and phone tapping ........... 3

Why now? A long rivalry between Ma and Wang ...... 4

Taiwan's long hot Summer
Mass demonstrations on death of conscript ........ 6

Two defense ministers resign ..................... 8

Another flawed pact with the PRC
KMT government signs Service Trade Agreement ..... 9

Widespread protests against PRC accord ........... 9

Legislative Yuan deliberations postponed ........ 11

Nuclear power debate continues
Rallies against Nuclear Four plant .............. 12
Ma government proposes deceptive referendum ..... 12

International space for Taiwan
Congress passes ICAO bill; President Obama signs 14
ICAO allows Taiwan to attend "as a guest" ....... 15

Update on former President Chen
NYT highlights quest for medical parole ......... 16
Congressman Andrews introduces resolution ....... 18

Report from Washington
Taiwan Policy Act passes House committee ........ 20
DOD urged to proceed with sale of submarines .... 21
Taiwan-into-UN resolution introduced in Congress 22

Book Review
"Out of Taiwan" exhibit in Long Beach California
Exhibit preview, by Gerrit van der Wees ......... 22

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