Monday, July 15, 2013

Daily Links, Monday, July 13, 2013

In the aftermath of typhoon Soulik, the roads are covered with mud and debris. This is Miaoli 55, Pinglin Road, out of Jhuolan in Miaoli, one of the area's most enjoyable roads. Highly recommended.

Some Daily Links for you to enjoy.... links have become much harder since Google terminated Reader.
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Readin said...

So what am I missing? In one bullet point you criticize Free Economic Zones as 1960s solutions to 21st century problems. In the next bullet you say that opening FTA negotiations with India and Indonesia would be good news. What's the diff?

Tom said...

I have started using feedly as a google reader replacement. Works well for me for now.

Michael Turton said...

Readin, I don't see a contradiction between FTAs and the FEZs.

Readin said...

I don't see a contradiction between them either. I see both as good for basically the same reason. That's why I'm confused that you're criticizing one and supporting the other.

Michael Turton said...

My bad. I expressed myself poorly. FEZs are clearly a policy of the 1960s, based on low cost labor for labor intensive industries. That's a 1960s policy. The FTAs are completely different, giving Taiwan increased access for its products.


Readin said...

Perhaps it was my bad. Are FEZs internal to Taiwan? The article talking about them said they would do a lot to help Taiwan's trade and global integration, but looking at it again the article doesn't say why. My assumption was that FEZs were regional agreements for freer trade.