Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rabies is back

A fly friends a slug.

The KMT news organ reports important news.
Rabies has reappeared in Taiwan for the first time in five decades. The Council of Agriculture (COA) yesterday morning convened a meeting of experts and confirmed three cases of rabies-induced deaths in wild ferret-badgers (Melogale Moschata Subaurantiaca). One of the three dead ferret-badgers was found in Yulin County’s Gukeng Rural Township (古坑鄉), and the other two in Nantou County’s Yuchih (魚池鄉) and Chitou ( 溪頭 ) Rural Townships. The COA would inform the World Organization for Animal Health of the confirmed rabies infections. Taiwan will now be listed as a rabies-infected area after five decades on the rabies-free list.
We have to be rabies-free for two years before we go back on the rabies-free list. One of the best things about Taiwan is that the stray animals are safe from that disease. I am seriously phobic about rabies: maybe someday I will tell the story of How I got Rabies in Kenya.
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Bret said...

The government has to clear the rest of the stray dogs off the streets.

Anonymous said...

yes, you're absolutely right. street dogs are a threat for public safe, for rabies and other well known reasons

Derelict said...

The number of times I've had a dog chasing me on my motorcycle sniping at my leg. Just remember these dogs never chose to get tossed out on the street, it's the completely idiotic owners. I see a new stray on my street ever few months. It's sad to see. Also, apparently walking your dog is the same as letting it roam around the streets shitting all over the place. Rant over. Whew, that felt good.