Saturday, April 13, 2013

Explosive Device Found on HSR?

Local puppies on the prowl. Locals sometimes warn us, owners of two black dogs, that black dogs have the sweetest flesh and thus, we should be careful lest they are kidnapped for a local dog meat restaurant.

CNN reported last night:
The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. train stopped at Hsinchu City after someone found the explosives in two pieces of luggage shortly after 9 a.m., according to police.

Police said the luggage was emitting white smoke, and people nearby could smell gas. The setup included 5 liters of gasoline and an activated timer device to trigger them, police said.

Investigators believe the explosives would have detonated had authorities not intervened, according to police. They said they believe the blast would have taken out one carriage.
But the TT reported today:
Police found that the luggage contained an unidentified liquid in cans and alarm clocks, as well as white particulate matter. The items were later dismantled by the bomb squad and taken to the Criminal Investigation Bureau for further examination.

Ku Jung-tseng (古榮增), deputy director of the High Speed Rail Police Division, said no detonator was found.
This is probably someone out to kill someone for insurance or similar, or a revenge attack on the HSR for some real or imagined slight. Probably not terrorism of any kind.
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Mike Fagan said...

"...we should be careful lest they are kidnapped for a local dog meat restaurant."

It does happen, it should not and it should be punished in kind.