Saturday, October 27, 2012

New train cars, way cool...oops!

In case you ever wanted to visit that Formosan Macaque Education Center outside Ershuei in Changhua, don't bother. Note the errors here, and also how title and content are totally unrelated. There weren't any monkeys, and the exhibition center is tiny. If I were the cynical type, I might speculate as to how somebody is made a bundle laying that thing out, but as you know, I am never like that.

Taiwan took delivery of tilting train cars for east coast operation. Yay! There's a pic there, they look very sweet:
TRA director general Fan Tzu-ku said his company has purchased a total of 136 Puyuma tilting train cars from Japan at a total cost of NT$10.6 billion, with the remaining 120 cars to be delivered in two batches in May and August, respectively.

Fan told reporters that the Taiwan version of the train is splashed red in front, and shows a distinct TRA logo. The trains, which use light aluminum alloy frames, won't have to slow down when passing through bending railway sections.

Inside the train cars, there are baby nursing rooms, multifunction circular arc toilets, and small desks on which passengers will be able to use their smartphones and tablets, said Fan.
The cars are for operation on the Tz Chiang expresses on the east coast line. 16 of the new cars are going for trial operations over the next three months. Alas, the new trains became stuck in Keelung Station on their way out of town for testing. Still, teething troubles are to be expected. Looking forward to riding these in the next couple of months... but will they have bike spaces?
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