Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily Links, Monday, Oct 22

Apologies for the lack of posts since Thursday. Been out enjoying myself on the Northern Cross Island Highway. Three gorgeous days with four of my best friends on one of the island's most beautiful roads. Added a new wrinkle -- because we had time, we skipped the awful 7 going into I-lan city, and instead took the 7 Alternate starting from the Niudou Bridge, which is much nicer, along the south side of the Lanyang R (to the 196 and thence to the I-lan 61 into Yuanshan and back to the 7). This added a couple of kms to the ride but skipped all the gravel companies and speed-obsessed drivers, taking us along mostly empty or modestly trafficked roads until we hit the I-lan 61. That post will be up tomorrow.

In the meantime, the world was busy writing....


Tonight's moon (Flickr). Canon EOS 550D+ that $99 800mm fixed f8.0 lens. Finally made it work. By far the best of my moon pictures.

SPECIAL: Awesome photos of Taiwan's major peaks
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Jenna Cody said...

Not ALL foreign men.

Plenty are OK - but plenty are total (word I won't submit for publication here)s.

And I did ask my husband - a bona fide man who has a penis and everything - to read my post and tell me honestly if it read like I was going to town on "all" expat men, and he said no, it was pretty clear that I meant a certain type of expat man, and as a man himself such a post would not offend him.

As such, I'm confident in my words, despite the angry comments.

Anonymous said...

Let me think, Jenna's "defense" might have been a bit more effective if it hadn't come from the person who feels to need to defend EVERYTHING about Taiwan against those bad bad foreigners, even Taipei's butt-ugly grey in grey wasteland.

Certainly, Taiwan is pretty good compared to 80% of all other places in the world, however it really is not any better than say most European countries and in some regards, such as architecture, it IS pretty bad.