Friday, January 13, 2012

Links for the Election Eve

Glad this one will be over soon and I can go back to posting biking photos....

  • BBC says Beijing "is suspicious of" Tsai. Notice that while newspapers regularly report that Beijing is suspicious of Tsai -- a formulation found across the media -- no newspaper ever reports on how Tsai feels about Beijing. Wouldn't it be great if newspapers upheld democratic values of fairness and fidelity to reality?
  • Although/Since it is illegal to release information about polls, the KMT has a rundown of self-serving party estimate information from all the parties here. No polls here, no sirree! Although, I'm sure the Agency Against Corruption will want to know what the DPP was doing releasing such data.
  • DPP rips the Douglas Paal dog and pony show for the KMT.
  • The usual yadda yadda on how the election could result in changes in the economy.
  • Taiwan dollar at two month high, global investors expect Ma victory.
  • >stunned< Reuters actually covers the legislative election. Good job, guys.
  • China uses new tactic to influence the election: silence
  • Taiwanese flock home for election: WSJ
  • The Australian: China looms large.
  • AP: Ma loved in Beijing and DC, not so much at home. AP has done a good job this election, especially compared to BBC, NYTimes, AFP, and several other news orgs I could name.
  • CNN sources Taiwan election stuff from a former Beijing correspondent with predictable results.
  • Video from WaPo on how Taiwan voters are choosing course of relations with China.
  • Not a bad piece at all on what the election means from a City U of HKK academic in BBC.
  • Dem and Progressive Failure on Taiwan is mirrored by Taiwan continuing to be an issue for Republicans.
  • AFP channeling Xinhua as usual, don't bother reading, only included for completeness and opportunity to hack on AFP.

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Phillip said...

I also noticed All the media sources repeat the soundbite that Taiwan 'split from China 60 years ago', which is surely a Beijing fed meme. There's never any further analysis of that controversial statement.

Anonymous said...

MT, you were quoted in this CSM article

“It's certainly more sedate than in previous years,” says Michael Turton, an American-born politics blogger based in central Taiwan. “We're in our third decade of real elections. They are normal, not novelties.”

~ not sure if you posted a link, I just came across it.

P.S. Thanks for all the work you do to keep us informed.

yankdownunder said...


"Greater China—which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan ..."

Do other media use the phrase
"Greater China"?

"Taiwan and China split in 1949 after a civil war"

AFP is so incompetent and biased.
Why are they used as a news source
so often? Australian news media use them all the time.

Anonymous said...

I think I can post this now: the first female president of Taiwan has been elected by a narrow margin, and becomes the first lesbian president in the ethnic Chinese-Hakka world ever. Try that one on for size, Chicoms!

posted at 12:45 by Exit Poll Peter in TaiPeter TaiPei

Marc said...

"Greater China" is the term that all multinational corporations use to refer to this region. It is not so much political as much as it identifies supply chains and subsidiaries

Prince Roy said...

Wow, has The View From Taiwan morphed into a mere link aggregator? Seriously, I've enjoyed looking at your pics of electioneering paraphernalia. It is truly an art form unto its own. I made a similar collection for the 2008 campaign. Those were the days. Can't wait for the results to come in. And as they are so fond of saying in Chicago: Vote early and vote often!

Michael Turton said...

LOL, thanks PR. I'm really burnt out and with all the intelligent commentary about, I don't need to add to the pile.