Friday, September 02, 2011

DPPers found innocent

Just thought I'd list a few cases recently that hadn't been very prominent in the press:

Another set of DPPers cleared, reports the Liberty Times. The former director of the National Palace Museum and four of his associates during the Chen Administration were all found not guilty of irregularities in the south site construction for the museum. The court characterized the charges as ridiculous.

Su Chih-fen, Yunlin County Chief, found innocent of bribery charges in a similarly ridiculous case.

Chen Shui-bian found innocent of embezzlement and the courts ruled the seizure of his assets by the Special Prosecutors was illegal. Also found innocent of another set of bribery charges, in connection with a banking merger. Oh yeah, the bribery charge that he's in jail for? The testimony was made out of fear, said the family in another case. Remember that indictment of Chen that a judge said was "a shoddy mishmash of evidence without a morsel of credibility."

TT: "The Taipei District Court yesterday found former National Security Council (NSC) secretary-general Chiou I-jen (邱義仁) and former deputy foreign minister Michael Kau (高英茂) not guilty of embezzling diplomatic funds during former president Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) term in office."

The only strange one is the case of Dr Hsieh of the Tainan Science Park (old Taiwan Matters post), which after Hsieh was found innocent and innocent again on appeal, the higher court sent back down for retrial of several issues. Whatever for?

Then there are the cases that have vanished. What happened to Lee Teng-hui's case? How about the 36,000 missing documents that the Ma Administration charged the DPP had illegally taken?

Of course, KMTer Diane Lee had her fraud conviction quashed by the High Court. Her case often co-occurs in the media with Chen Shui-bian's.

And all those DPPers smeared in the local and foreign media. Haven't seen much reporting on these not guilty verdicts.
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