Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gourd Shop

Today my friend Domenic and I rode to the checkpoint above Guguan on Highway 8, where the guards turned us back as the road is still under construction. But on the way there, on 8 roughly 400 meters past the last 7-11 outside of Dongshih, we passed this cool shop that sells painted and carved gourds.

The shop not only sells gourds, it also fixes motorcycles.

Gourds ready for further processing. Or sale, as the case may be.

The owner told me the green one was $500 NT.

There are lamps in the back there.

The owner grows his own gourds, in fantastic shapes and sizes.

Gourds on display.
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Ben Goren said...

Follow the gourd!
No, follow the holy sandal!
... sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

Bonnie said...

The gourd you mentioned costs approximately $17.50 US. I had to look it up just to get an idea how it compares to gourd art in the US.

MJ Klein said...

Michael, does the owner to something special to the gourds to make them take on those shapes, or are the shapes naturally occurring?

Anonymous said...

Man, those gourds look super awesome! Do they sell them online?

Michael Turton said...

MJ, the shapes appear to be naturally occurring.