Monday, June 06, 2011

Daily Links, June 6, 2011

My friend Ellen at an overlook on Sanfeng Rd south of Hsinchu. A pretty road that runs along the ridges between Hsinchu and Miaoli, Sanfeng Rd is highly recommended. Saturday I rode 111 kms up to Hsinchu to perform at the first Open Mic night at Titty Tea in Jhubei (Facebook). The event was a great success with enjoyable performances by locals and foreigners; if you're in the area on a Saturday night, stop by to enjoy. The next day I rode with Ellen on Rte 3 through Miaoli back to Taichung. Despite the tough ride of 120 kms and probably 1100 m of climbing into blustery headwinds the whole way, Ellen took the hills of Miaoli by storm. Great ride, great ride partner (map).

Whew! It's hot out there! What's burning up the blogs this week?


Me on Open Mic night at Titty Tea (blog) in Jhubei. They will be doing this every Sat night this month.

One reason I like riding on the railroad access road is that it goes by the wind farms along the coast.

NCKU student is running a study on bike stops. You can do the survey here:
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Jenna said...

I posted a picture of Titty Tea on my blog months ago, when I actually made a friend pull over (we'd rented a car at HSR Xinzhu Station) so I could take a photo.

What a horrible, and yet so terribly funny, name for a tea shop.

I hope they open their affiliate shop, Cafe des Balls, soon...

D said...

What do you do on open mike, MT? Tell jokes? Sing Hall and Oates covers? Or just spread the word?

Yeah, Titty Tea is a crazy name, but so is "Bo1ba4 nai3cha2", right?

richard said...

highly interesting article in Commonwealth about mental problems in Taiwan. i am quite familiar with those in my native country (not only because my mother is a psychiatrist) and also here.
Very good a magazine like this one makes this issue public.
I do not buy into this BS of companies helping their employees. Even if few do it, everyone knows what the priorities here are and how employees are treated - salaries, working hours ...
So - long way to go

Michael Turton said...

D, I told jokes in Chinese. First two went over well, second two bombed, so I got down. I was followed by another foreigner who did the same thing, but much better. Very funny man, he was.


D said...

Hey, keep it up, you could go to the mainland and make a second career of that. Your standard set-up could be "Did you hear what happened when the Taiwanese guy ran into the Chinese guy?" [rim shot].

Taiwan Echo said...

Regarding Ozsoapbox's timeline about the DEHP :

“May 2011 – Taiwan FDA food inspector randomly finds up to 600ppm of DEHP in 16 samples of sports and softdrinks including Sunkist Lemon Juice, Taiwan Yes energy-boosting drink.”

This is incorrect. The accidental finding was in mid (or early?) April, not in May.

The government covered up the finding until May 23rd --- after Ma's 3rd-year inauguration on May 20.

President Ma claimed that he didn't knew about the findings until late May. That is, around or after the inauguration date.

JT Kirk said...

Would you care to add my blog to your esteemed sidebar?
It is about weather, and is a good place to track Taiwan-bound typhoons.