Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taiwan in Comparative Perspective Special Issue

The eJournal Taiwan in Comparative Perspective has a special issue out on justice in comparative perspective. It is edited by renowned legal scholar Jerome Cohen. Go here to see what looks to be an interesting collection of articles, including 2 by Jeff Martin.
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Marc said...

Dr. Shih's article "Memory, Partial Truth and Reconciliation without Justice: The White Terror Luku Incident in Taiwan" is also included in this.

Dr. Shih, who is Co-Director of Taiwan Research Programme/Asia Research Centre at the London School of Economics, has asked me to forward her contact info if anyone would like to correspond with her on her article.

She has also just edited a very interesting book: "Re-writing Culture in Taiwan"

Daniel A. Mong said...

A very interesting series of articles. Not the usual cliches and well research. In one of the issues, the article about orientalism (as defined by Edward Said) is especially telling; everyone can be guilty of "orientalism.

Daniel Mong