Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Links for a quake day

I've gone round the bend...

Enjoy some links...

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Jenna Cody said...

I'm not even going to try to wade into the whole CJayride thing, but this caught my eye:

"While littering may seem pretty inoffensive by Western standards, it is considered deeply disrespectful in Taiwanese culture. "

1.) What?
2.) What?

I mean, it's closer to Japan than, say, China when it comes to littering in Taiwan and it's generally frowned upon, but people do it and "deeply disrespectful in Taiwanese culture" feels like a bit of an over-exoticization of the general taboo on randomly littering here.

And in much of, if not most of the US you can bet your ass you'll be told off for littering if you get caught.

Zla'od said...

Dr. Fu Manchu has inspired me to submit a paper to that Turkish drama journal.

Glen said...

Is that in DaKeng?

Anonymous said...

Some exchange student from China pointed out that more people died during earthquake in remote area(Qinghai) under Chinese "Colonial" rule:

No wonder China has to put internet under strict control.