Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday links...

Rush hour.

I lost my watch at a party the other day. I looked around for it, and there it was, right under some guy's foot. He was harassing a woman, so I went over and punched him.

I don't let that shit happen. Not on my watch.

Now that you're groaning in pain, let's have a look at some links....

  • Focus Taiwan: 18 tons of tobacco seized (where else?) in Taichung Port. The leaf was intended for cigarettes produced by illegal cigarette producers in Taiwan. There's a massive smuggling market for cigs in Taiwan, boosted by the 2013 tax increase on cigarettes. Take a gander at this 2010 article in China Post, and that was before the increase...
  • Former Chairman Hung of the KMT continues to insist one China, same interpretations is the best route for Taiwan (Apple Daily in Chinese). I miss her so much...
  • Ed McCord calls for dual recognition of Taiwan and China as a way out of the Taiwan-China problem. Yeah, that'll work. No folks, we are headed for war out here. Hope the next Administration is more focused on preparing for the coming dust-up. Can we haz weapunz pls?
  • Speaking of war Wendell Minnick, the longtime defense correspondent out here, is on ThinkTech discussing Taiwan and war (video)
  • Export orders are up for the tenth straight month. Yes, but where are those orders being made?
  • Meanwhile, stocks hit 27 year high
  • What's going to happen to the Taiwan identity in the future? Well, the new social studies curriculum is going to downplay China (yay!).
  • Latest Global Taiwan brief
  • NPP argues that holiday bonuses to retired civil servants be cut since there is no legal basis for them.
  • SCMP on poll showing Taiwanese think of Taiwan and China as separate countries.
  • Naturalization process for foreigners to be streamlined.
  • Heritage on how to respond to an increasingly hardline China. With 16 inch guns, I'd say.
  • Excellent: A personal look at the New Southbound Policy through the eyes of four people in Taiwan
  • Anthro scholar Stevan Harrell, who wrote many excellent pieces on Taiwan, is retiring.
  • News Lens on Taiwan's domestic violence problem.
  • Asia's declining fish catches and depleted fish stocks are going to lead to conflicts.
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Zla'od said...

Because if kids spend a year studying Poland in school, they'll feel more Polish. Same reasoning that leads politicians to call for more required readings in Confucianism, in order to combat bullying.

Anonymous said...

This change of curriculum is exactly the kind of creeping taiwanization that makes China aggressively attack DPP government so much. China will never accept DPP even if it accepts 1992 consensus cause of this kind activities. The ideal for China should be a dpp that is weakened and booted out of Power by elections. But if not that then a military coup is not such a bad idea either. China will take out dpp sooner or later