Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A note from the writer: Google has screwed up the Commenting Function. *sigh*

Dear readers, Google has once again "updated" one of its products. As always with a Google update, Blogger is now uglier, less functional, has a less useful and more crowded interface, and requires more clicks to get anything done.

The result for you is this: in old Blogger, when I opened up the page for my blog, unpublished comments were right there for me to moderate. Now when I open Blogger, I have to make additional clicks to get to the unpublished comments. This means I might forget I should even be looking for comments. I am quite absent-minded and keep forgetfulness at bay only with constant vigilant effort. So apologies in advance if your comments take extra time to go up.
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Anonymous said...

Either you control the technology stack or the stack controls you. Moving to WordPress would be the right move at this point.

Matt Stone said...

Before making any move, perhaps consider registering your own domain.

Then you can change blogging platforms whenever you want to, without losing your URL.

(I think...)

Anonymous said...

Medium could be a good choice too – no messing around with templates, really nice layout, great community of discussion and syndication – have you considered?

Matt Stone said...

Some nuanced statements from the Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs about the military trucks in HK.

Is he suggesting, or inferring, that the 'commercial provider' didn't strictly follow the law?

Also, with: "One thing in Chinese culture is you never forget your old friends, people who were there with you in the beginning, people who were there with you through thick and thin, and surely in Chinese culture you appreciate this concept of loyalty to old friends," ... he seems to be referring to Taiwan.