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From Forward Taiwan
蕭美琴: 我們要做一個積極規劃移民的國家, 還是要做一個封閉型的國家?
Hsiao Bi-khim DPP, Hualien: Do we want to be a country that proactively plans immigration or a closed country? 4:00

This video is from April 18th. She is questioning the Ma administration's Minister of the Interior about Taiwan's refusal to permit naturalized citizens to be dual nationals.

Her bill to amend the Nationality Act would remove the requirement to renounce original nationality and permit dual citizenship for both naturalized and native Taiwanese citizens. It is still in committee under review.
拜託有台灣國籍的朋友, 特別是花蓮人, 支持蕭美琴的勇氣!!立委諸公需要聽到您的寶貴的聲音!!!
Thanks, Bi-khim.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Hsiao Bi-khim video.

Readers who are interested in the naturalization issue should watch the video to learn what the conservative arguments against dual nationality are. They include:

1. Taiwan has a policy of single nationality for its citizens. It is true that other countries permit Taiwanese to acquire citizenship but this is a decision by other governments that Taiwan's government is not responsible for.

2. New citizens would burden Taiwan's various social security programs financially (National Health Care, labor pensions, labor insurance, long-term care insurance (when it comes into effect), and others.

3. Naturalized dual citizens create national security concerns.

Bi-Khim refutes 1 and 2 ably in the video.

Forward Taiwan