Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Is NCCU under martial law?"

The "jiao guan" -- a military official on every campus responsible for discipline, and in the old days, were Political officers charged with the task of making sure the students were politically reliable. The students at NCCU are putting up fliers about 2-28, which they apparently did not need, they say, to put up, when the jiao guan (woman in pink) comes to challenge them [UPDATE: commenter below notes she's the head of their jiao guans]. She rips down their fliers. When she is asked who she is, she says "never mind that, who are you?" The young man answers who he is, and she says she knows his name. She refuses to say whether she was representing the university despite being repeatedly asked, although news reports said she was acting on her own authority. Finally a student asks "Is NCCU under martial law?"

I have often said that the university system is where the old authoritarian system remains most strongly. These people need to go. Now.

You can see how much the young people have changed.
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Anonymous said...

I am so angry after watching the 教官 video!!! Can't believe there are still people like that existed in universities (this is 21 centry!!) . She is KMT's running dog!!

"台灣人要做台灣這片土地的主人、台灣人要決定自己的命運、台灣人要建立公平正義的新世界"-by Taipei mayor KP.

Corey said...

She's not event just a 教官, but she's the head of NCCU's 教官. I think it's an important distinction.

Jeffrey Geer JD said...

This is very reminiscent of the politicized commissars in American universities. Professor Michelle Click was criminally charged and fired for political interference with freedom of expression. The Taiwanese academic elitists need to remember that they are not above the law. Even then Green politics of American expats in Taiwan does not lend itself to much sympathy when the DPP activists often subscribe to "Better Green than Expert" mentality. The 228 Massacre is deeply rooted in the Kerr legacy of civil affairs of the US Navy. Plus an anti-military mentality of American university professors create more political bias in American universities and even in Taiwanese society. The Tsai administration will still be a political instrument of the ROC system for creating a credible fear of torture for young people. There over 200 youth who have pending cases stemming from their old charges over Occupy Legislative Yuan. There is a credible fear for a significant possibility of torture by the ROC system (e.g. bonafide political asylum within the US), and I will remind you the DPP politicians did nothing over the ROC prison torture of Chen Shui-bian. It is my growing opinion that the political climate poses a clear and present danger to Taiwanese activists, because so-called transitional justice is a political vendetta by the Green activists. They cannot be entrusted with fair and impartial due process, and groups of Taiwanese activists will be targeted by Green Inquisitions. The ROC judges are distrusted by 87% of Taiwanese.
In a fight or flight scenario, now is the time for flight to political safety by Taiwanese youth activists. If not the ROC system, then the PRC renditions will be coming for you very soon.

Anonymous said...

Pink? Looks red to me - touch of irony there as KMT banned red in the good old days! Liked the "sanitary " mask - not worn for health reasons one assumes! Shawna Ryan's recent talk about her novel Green Island is instructive in this context!