Thursday, November 26, 2015

Too Busy to Blog Links

Abandoned house in Tanzih.

Way too busy to blog, but some great stuff out there. Enjoy...
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Mike Fagan said...

"This article which interviewed an obviously reflective and aware local African-American expat..."

Hmm, obviously.

Brian Castle said...

When I read the article the guy they interviewed didn't seem especially reflective and aware. "But, would it have been news if the victim had been any other color than white? Carlo JaMelle, an African-American who is enrolled on a PhD program studying classical Chinese literature at National Taiwan Normal University, doesn’t think so." Of course it would have been news. Would it have been as interesting news? No because everyone knows whites don't as much negative attention as blacks. It's not that no one would care if it were a black person, it's just that people wouldn't have been as surprised.

"How many white dominated countries can say they are less racist than Taiwan?" Most. White dominated countries pretty much invented the concept of racial equality because white countries have been the most racially mixed. To the extent that white countries continue to have racial problems it is largely a result of still being the most racially mixed. Living in America, I find that most of the racism I encounter in person comes from people who moved here from overseas and brought their racist attitudes with them. The racism I see in the news is usually people who try to go so far in fighting racism that they don't realize they've become racists themselves. The few traditionally racist incidents in the news are handled pretty severely (usually with overreaction that becomes racist in its severity).

Brian Castle said...

And then there is this: "He says after 245 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow, it didn’t get much better for black people." I'm not sure if he really said that or whether the journalist mis-paraphrased, but either way it is a ridiculous statement.