Monday, April 06, 2015

A few monday links

Taichung at night, from the west.

Enjoy some links....
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Anonymous said...

Hung Tzu-yung (洪慈庸) is the sister.

Michael Turton said...

Haha. I meant to write that her brother had died, then marched off into another sentence....

TaiwanJunkie said...

I'm conflicted about the GDP.

What about the $8000 disparity in Taiwan's favor comparing GDP adjusted for PPP?

Jerome Besson said...

Re: Taiwan’s ‘rock star’ tribal folk share same ancestry with Filipinos

My comment:
Madagascar is located at the westernmost edge of the austronesian world. Under their ethno-linguistic classification, Malagasy languages are listed as follows: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Greater Barito, East, Malagasy

Many aspects of Malagasy culture retain striking similarities with those of the Indonesian islands and the Malaysian peninsula. That area of the South-western Pacific was the staging area from where Austronesian sea-farers hailing from Taiwan sailed eastward as far as Easter Island and westward all the way across the Indian Ocean to Madagascar.

Natives of Taiwan and Madagascar are cousins. Here are two links to Malagasy languages lexical lists. Please, search those for words such as the Malagasy "vato", meaning "rock" that I found also in Formosan languages with the same meaning and pronunciation.

Related search keywords:
Appendix:Malagasy Swadesh list
Malagasy World

Finally, I would urge readers to disregard all comments that seek to link the Formosans to China whether culturally or politically. Those misleading comments originate from ill-intentioned AQs (Mandarin expletive meaning cretins) whose preposterous claims are the expression of a hoax that the Han Chinese first devised during WWII to better rob the Empire of Japan of its inalienable Crown territory, Taiwan.

Ethnically, if the austronesian sphere of influence extended to the high lands of Viet-Nam and the south-eastern seaboard of China, that influence predates the south-eastward expansion of the Hans to Fujian by thousand of years. When Hans first knew of the natives of that area, the racism inherent to their breed prompted them to call local tribes demeaning names that assimilated the latter to insects and other pests.

Politically, on the surrender of the Empire of Japan, President Truman ordered Chiang-Kai-Shek from Chungking to take charge of the occupation of Japanese Taiwan. That order from the principal occupying power of the Empire of Japan established Chiang as a subordinate of the commander-in-chief (Truman). Chiang implemented his occupation duties under the paramount authority of Truman.

Next, the wording of the Sept. 8, 1952 Peace Treaty with Japan took great care to insulate Taiwan from Chinese expansionism. At no time since the 1895 signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki between representatives of the Manchu Court and of the Emperor Meiji, China could claim with a straight face even a shred of the sovereignty of Formosa.

And UN Resolution 2758 expelled a roguish Chiang's clique of warlords from the seat it unlawfully occupied at the UN. The communist regime in Zhongnanhai is internationally recognized the successor in control of the State (or Republic) of China. The Peoples Republic of China (PROC) is ROC. True ROC lives on, controlling China. China is prevented from owing the sovereignty of Taiwan.

Chinese Taipei is a ballooning hoax awaiting puncture and expulsion from the Imperial Japanese Crown territory it unlawfully controls. Taiwan is neither independent nor Chinese. Presently Taiwan is not a nation. It is merely a geographical area no one, not even its native residents legally own.

Ethnically, Formosans are Pacific islanders sharing in a cultural heritage extending from Hawai to New-Zealand and from Easter Island to Madagascar

Politically; Formosans are Japanese Crown Subjects awaiting normalization of their status of allegiance.