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Daily Links, Dec 3, 2012

My man Michael Cannon tests a recumbent bike at a factory in Da-an.

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SPECIALReuters best photos of the year. If Germany can live without nukes, so can Taiwan.

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yankdownunder said...

Taiwan as laboratory for currency imperialism under the Japanese. Details please!

Michael Schiltz is associate professor at the Institute for Advanced studies on Asia, University of Tokyo.

It's not part of the job description, but most Western teachers at Japanese universities are
racist or at least anti-Japan. This article is another example of how they use any excuse to bash Japan. There are no details, just their biased beliefs.

Michael Turton said...
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yankdownunder said...

This first example of total subjugation of one Asian country by another was a harbinger of things to come. After the Russo-Japanese War, Korea was also incorporated in the empire. The draconian monetary plan known as the Megata reform effectively relegated Korea to a Japanese satellite.

Even nowadays, it isn’t easy to account for the military rigor with which Japanese reformers sought to control Korea’s currency and national finances. There, money doctors wanted total control over their patient, and ....

money doctors!?!?!?!

No details. Just racist rants.

yankdownunder said...


Page is blank because ...

Damn Dutch Don't Detail

yankdownunder said...

It was a high-risk gamble to gain primacy in Asia by means of a decisive economic blow (it combined, among other things, large-scale lending for industrial projects with a monetary-reform effort). Its architects made a strategic mistake. Japan suffered a humiliating defeat. Apart from a token repayment of 5 million yen, it was forced to write off the whole loans series, amounting to 140 million yen.(Michael Schitz)

The Nishihara Loans (named after Nishihara Kamezo, Tokyo's representative in Beijing) of 1917 and 1918, while aiding the Chinese government, put China still deeper into Japan's debt. Toward the end of the war, Japan increasingly filled orders for its European allies' needed war matériel, thus helping to diversify the country's industry, increase its exports, and transform Japan from a debtor to a creditor nation for the first time.(

Even then, the geopolitical momentum was deeply anti-Japanese. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s silver-buying policy was in no small part inspired by a desire to “spite the Japanese imperialists in China.”

Roosevelt's hatred of Japanese is "geopolitical momentum"??


In 1940, U.S. officials discovered a large war chest of dollars, fraudulently hidden in the books of the New York branch of the Yokohama Specie Bank. U.S. reaction was swift and decisive, freezing Japanese dollars and gold held in the U.S

Japanese - frauds

US - swift and decisive

Anonymous said...

"It's such a crime that nothing is left of the old Japanese airfields in southern Taiwan."


Anonymous said...

Wow, a pretty hard hitting letter from you in today's TaipeiTimes. I would have also mentioned improving the judicial system as a worthy cause.

~ Thanks for all your work, Michael. Taiwan is lucky to have you and your family here to always enlighten us with your valuable knowledge.