Monday, May 07, 2012

Daily Links, May 7, 2012

Lots of moon pictures out there this week, but in most cases the brightness of the moon so close to earth blows out the details. I prefer the textures of a shadowed moon, much more enjoyable. The Flickr Moon Shots group has some excellent work this week.

What's shining out there on the blogs this week?

SPECIAL: Expats, you will recognize your Taiwan experience.



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Anonymous said...

One other reason for the disconnect between US actions re Sino-Filipino relations and Sino-Formosan relations is that the US Pacific strategy is shifting to defense in depth.

Most of US striking power is now being concentrated at Australia, Guam, and Hawaii, rather than Okinawa, Korea, and the Phillipines. This doesn't demonstrate any indication of a withdrawal from the region; rather that the US is simply acknowledging military reality. Forward deployment against a near-peer competitor poses unacceptably high risks of losing too much hardware against a first strike. In that regard, the Futenma is an anachronism.