Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taiwanease App Out at Apple iTunes store!

Anthony van Dyck of Taiwanease sent around the press release for their new app...., a website created for Taiwan’s International Community by a small team of long term foreign residents, has just released the eponymous app “Taiwanease” on the iTunes App Store.

The Taiwanease App is an essential tool for international living in Taiwan. Access our massive database of events listings and venue addresses with or without an internet connection. Fast, sleek, and intelligently put together, the Taiwanease App is elegant in its simplicity. Whether it’s Nightlife, Shopping, Dining, Hotels, Art, Theatre, Events, or Addresses and Maps, the Taiwanease iPhone Application puts all you need to know about Taiwan at your fingertips.

Key Features of the Taiwanease App include:

  • Up-to-date Event Listings
  • Thousands of Directory Listings in dozens of categories, from Restaurants, to Accommodation, to Travel.
  • A “Near Me” feature to tell you what’s close by.
  • A “Favorites” function that stores all your preferred locations in a handy list.
  • Full Screen Taxi Cards that tell your driver exactly where you want to go in Chinese.
  • Maps that will pinpoint your current location, even in a moving vehicle, as well as your destination. If your taxi driver is taking “the scenic route”, you’ll be the first to know!
  • Up to date contact information for restaurants, including addresses in English AND Chinese, clickable links to websites from within every listing, as well as “one-tap” phone dialing.
  • Emergency Numbers, for Police, Fire/Medical, English Directory Assistance, and the Foreign Affairs Police.
  • MRT Maps for Taipei and Kaohsiung
  • An “Add an Establishment” feature that lets you instantly submit a venue to our directory right from your phone!

The Taiwanease App is available on the iTunes App Store now, for only $2.99.
For more information please contact Anthony van Dyck (潘龍泉) at
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