Monday, March 26, 2012

Photos from a Lovely Weekend

From here in Taichung, we returned Taipei's weather to its rightful owners, and enjoyed a couple of lovely days on Sunday afternoon and Monday. Here, walking the dog in the morning, I caught this spiderweb heavy with dew.

Sunday morning the weather was still grim. Dom models his new Seven custom steel bike, with an 11 speed Campy grupo. Sweet...

We went over BaGuaShan. In the morning the Taipei weather still lingered like a bad hangover, but the crowds were out and about on BaGuaShan in Changhua.

I've been up on BaGuaShan cycling many times but always had bad luck with the haze. But today it wasn't too awful.

The telephoto gives a good sense of the crowding in the area.

Since it was actually good cycling weather, the ridge was full of cyclists.

Everyone was selling pineapples.

Drew stops to image Dom's new bike.

The road is lined with homes and alleys in many places.

A cyclist mecca, this temple and police station provide toilets and water, and shops cluster in the area. On weekends it is packed with cyclists.

As you leave Changhua and head towards Nantou, tea farms begin to appear.

Self portrait with rolling farm country.

Caught this fellow hiding in the trees along the road on the ridge.

Dom and Drew rolling towards Nantou.

We rolled down 139 into Nantou city at the end of BaGuaShan. The descent is amazing -- no wacky curves, not much crossing traffic, and lovely views. I let the bike rip and laughed at the cars that couldn't quite bring themselves to pass me at the speeds we were going. Here is the view into Nantou city as you enter town crossing the 3, a key north-south route.

Betel nut girls, deep in converse.

After lunch in Nantou we took the 3 over to the 14丁, a bucolic route through farms and small towns.

The 14丁is one of my favorite little roads in the area.

On the way home I caught this egret in a Taichung river.

The beautiful weather today simply demanded that we take the dog for a walk.

He takes a rest while climbing.

Northern Taichung city wreathed in haze.

I know you are missing pictures of orb spiders.

These tiny spiders are difficult to photograph. I am always happy to get a picture.

Taking a rest break.

Hope to see you on the roads and trails of Taiwan someday!
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StefanMuc said...

That wooden path up the hill looks lovely. It might not be all that great to walk on but it makes for a beautiful picture, at least.