Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orchid Island Radiation Leak Alleged

 The inevitable news:

Basically, it says that the media reports according to the Academia Sinica's Institute of Earth Sciences, it has accepted a report from Taipower saying that its Orchid Island nuclear waste site has leaked. On Nov 30 a number of environmental groups, public health researchers, and Orchid Island residents (largely aborigines), held a press conference at the Legislative Yuan, accusing Taipower of underestimating the seriousness of the situation and engaging in a cover-up.

The article says that Ceseium 137 has been detected in the coastal areas and in crop fields, since the 1999-2000 time frame. Further the values monitored at several sites have jumped in the last several years.

The waste dump there is one of the Taiwan's sicker stories. The residents were originally told the nuke waste dump would be a fish cannery, so of course they approved of it since it would mean jobs. Leave it to Taipower to put a nuke waste dump in the middle of such loveliness.
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Anonymous said...

The storage facility, until 2000, has been painted with Disney characters.

In discussing the issue with some local residents, they had determined that about 300 people from Immorod village had suffered from radiation related sickness.

One old local believe the Immorod fishing grounds were polluted with radiation because the facility is just about 100 meters from the ocean.

Still, many locals are on the take and rely on huge cash dividends from Taipower to survive.

Anonymous said...

But hey, nuclear energy is the only alternative to coal! Keeping nuclear waste save for thousands of years is NO PROBLEM at all...