Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pic of the Day: ....and kiss your ass good bye

A map for nuclear evacuation from southern Pingtung and Kenting, in Hengchun, Pingtung.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bleditor,

Several non-Taiwanese media outlets insert weekly English-language
supplements in some newspapers published
in Taiwan. One of them in a Chinese-langauge newspaper, the United
Daily News, which every Tuesday inserts
a 12-page weekly edition of a selection of English-language New York
Times news articles, complete with reporter bylines
and a front page that tells readers the insert is from the New York
Times. One English-language newspaper in Taiwan, the China Post,
publishes an 8 page insert every Friday in its daily edition, called
"China Reports." However, this insert in the Post does not tell
readers who is sponsoring or writing the stories in the insert, nor
are there any bylines at all. The stories are all about China, and
discuss Taiwan or cross-strait issues.

But while the New York Times and the United Daily News are upfront
about their relationship and tell readers so, the China Post hides
the fact that it is getting the "China Reports" insert directly from
the China Daily in Beijing, China. And yet the Post does not tell
that every story in the insert was written by Chinese reporters
working for the Chinese government. Nor does the Post tell its readers
the insert is sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing as
part of its overseas outreach.

Just as the New York Times should be allowed to print an insert in the
United Daily News, so too should the China Daily be allowed
to run an insert in the China Post. In Taiwan, there is freedom of
speech. However, the China Post, by hiding the name of the
and country inserting the "China Reports: in its Friday edition, is
not following the law. Or is it legal now to publish soft propaganda
a foreign nation without telling readers who is behind the media operation?


Taipei, Taiwan