Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Links, April 19, 2010

Went to the engagement/wedding ceremony of my friend Drew's sister in law, and her mother made the best tang yuan ever. What's being cooked on the blogs today?

VIDEO: Kill Pig Day

TOURS: Barking Deer with awesome mountain tour. Check it out!

VOLCANO VIEWS: Real time video, there are three cameras. So far I can't seem to get the server to work. Hope you have better luck

There will be an International Taiwan Studies Workshop 2010:
“‘Whither Taiwanization?’ State, Society and Cultural Production in the New Era”
at Chang Jung Christian University from 23-24 April 2010.
For more information and registration, please visit
All presentations will be given in English.

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me this was Photoshopped.

Steven Crook... said...

Michael, I think you're too harsh on the Montreal Gazette/Calgary Herald travel article. The writer does provide some political/historical background that you'd surely approve of, and does mention biodiversity, mountains etc.

I've no idea if it happened in this case, but travel writers wanting to write about new, less well-known features of a place often run up against editors who insist on the old, much-written-about being included.

Years ago I wrote up a trip to San Diego for a newspaper. The editor was so shocked that I didn't so much as mention the zoo that she added a paragraph about it without even asking me.

A friend writing about Beijing was directed to include the Forbidden City and the Great Wall...

I could go on.

Michael Turton said...

Steve I wasn't criticizing the MG/CH article -- which was great -- but the government's policy taking the journalists to the same places every time, and the same places everyone else goes to.