Monday, March 01, 2010

Daily Links, March 1, 2010

In Fengyuan the other day, I found this small noodle factory drying its products by the side of the road.

What's hung on the blogs today?


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Anonymous said...

Iranian nuke parts...and....Taiwan let the shipment through. But Taiwan is our great democratic ally! LOL.

Taiwanese agents also shipped missile parts to Libya, etc.

I even heard a rumor that Basque terrorist bought bomb parts in Taiwan. Now, that is a rumor, but I would imagine Taiwan has many small manufacturers who take orders first and ask questions later.

Taiwanese are great people, but this is not surprising.

Carrie said...

Hi Michael,

It's been ages since I dropped by. Thanks very much for including Taiwan Photographers in your blog roundup this week. Your noodle photos are terrific. What are you shooting with these days?