Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where the Doggy-doo is from

A friend sent me a link to this poster, now popping up around Taipei.
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Gridman said...

Correct answer: The KMT

dennis said...

LOL. my god this is as much embarrassing as it is funny! you'd normally expect these things in China, but hey I guess it is Taipei afterall, cant expect too much from this "Hao city" =D allow me to save this pic in my computer :)

dennis said...

oh it's taipei county not city, well they're not too different.

Anonymous said...

Not popping up now. These were all over Jhonge City two years ago.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago someone came up with the great idea of sticking a small flag with George Bush's face on it in every pile of dog poop.

Citizen's here should copy the idea except use a mini KMT flag instead of the Bush flag.