Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out Biking Pics

Typhoon rain in the hills east of Fengyuan.

Many thanks to all who stopped by to say hello or sent me an email. You guys make it all worthwhile....

What have I been doing? Been biking a lot lately. Now I'm rested. Time to blog again.... especially with the ominous new developments at the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (as always click on any pic to be taken to its Flickr page).

Yesterday I went up 88 between Fengyuan and Hsinshe, which rises about 500 meters in about 10 kilometers, a good workout in preparation for doing the Northern Cross Island Highway (Rte 7 between Sanxia and Luodong) this weekend. If you want to come, drop me a line.

My friend Michael Fahey took me through the bike paths in Taipei last week.

...and up to Mucha.....

.....among the graves there.

My son and Michael.

Made a panorama of one of the views.

I went through Shihgang on my way to Dongshih the other day and found these professionals hanging noodles out to dry.

Clearly she's had lots of practice.

Bringing out more.

On a trip up Tatu Mountain in Taichung I took this shot of the HSR crossing the road.

From the bridge into Dongshih, park on one side, gravel operations on the other.

Also did east coast again with the family. Here is a lovely panorama I created of the area just south of Shitiping, by the famous Red Bridge.

Every major river in Taiwan hosts such gravel operations. Here is one outside Taidong.

I stopped to have a chat with the denizens of a local drinking party on the east coast. The high point of this interaction was the woman who asked me how to say tsuo ai in English. The timely arrival of my family saved me from having to answer.

Hope to see you on a bike with me on the east coast soon!

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Anonymous said...

happy to see you back and refreshed. 加油!

cfimages said...

Welcome back. Next time you're cycling around Muzha let me know - I'm living up here now. You can more-or-less see my building (actually the one next to mine)in the photo from the graves looking toward the zoo.

Taiwan Matters to America said...

Welcome back, Michael. Look forward to hooking up for a beer next time I'm in Taipei.

Michael Cannon said...

Great to see you're online again. I've missed the posts as well. I do understand needing the break. I've taken the same for the work blog till recently.

Is Zeb riding with us Friday?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It's been hard to get my day started without your blog.

Anonymous said...

glad that you are back!

Kaminoge said...

Glad to see you back in action. That first picture of the rain in Fengyuan is awe-inspiring (and a little frightening).

Dixteel said...

Welcome back. :)

Nice pictures.

SY said...

Very glad to see you back!

Nice pictures. Looks like "He" (pointing upwards) awarded you with good biking weather for your passion for life.

Haitien said...

Woohoo! The T-man is back!

Chaon said...

In my experience, "tsuo ai" means either "forbidden love", or "not for any amount of money".

Unknown said...

It was a desolate month without your View, and your views, like empty steins beside an empty keg.

Welcome back.

I loved the pictures of the noodles drying, but where are the pictures of the noodle trees? How could you miss documenting the Dongshih Noodles Orchards? Probably just a little rusty after the break.

Anonymous said...

Just happened to clicked 'The View from Taiwan' bookmark, and there are many blogs

I had to back track to this post to say 'welcome back' =)

Wow... I thought it would be a long leave.