Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogger-writer travel team wanted for Taiwan Award: NT 1 million!

Looking for a few good people...
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan is about to launch the search for a team of explorers to win NT$1 million (US$30,000) to travel around the country, following the example of Queensland’s Best Job in the World, the Ministry of Transportation Tourism Bureau said Monday.

From June 1 to 30, the bureau wants to find 50 teams of at least two blog-writing explorers each, including one foreign citizen, to design an original four-day tourist itinerary. Each team will have the opportunity to receive NT$7,000 a day, with a chance to win a NT$1 million prize.

Each team can register in Chinese, English or Japanese at the website and post a short film presenting the team as well as explain a theme for its designed trip.

The Tourism Bureau will announce its choice of 50 teams on July 10. The popularity of the introductory video will account for 10 percent of the result, the feasibility of the itinerary for 35 percent, and the creativity and inexpensiveness for the remaining 55 percent, according to the web site.

The teams have to arrive in Taiwan and complete their itinerary between July 11 and August 31. Each day they should also post a video of up to 10 minutes online, including 200 words of commentary, about the progress of their trip. The best team will receive a four-day, three-night trip including airline tickets and hotel accommodation, the bureau said.

Before September 30, the teams must post an 800-word travelogue and a three- to five-minute film on the web site. From October 1 to 30, voters can contribute to the final result by selecting the best team.

On November 15, the Tourism Bureau will announce the winning team for the NT$1 million travel award, which must then spend a month touring Taiwan in February or March 2010.

The Tourism Bureau launched its Best Trip competition after the resounding worldwide success for Queensland’s Best Job in the World promotion to spend six months on an island exploring nature and posting experiences on a blog. Taiwan’s Clare Wang won the “wild card” online popularity vote but in the end the organizers picked a British charity worker for the NT$3.5 million job.
I can think of a number of people who would be absolutely perfect for this.

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Todd said...

Sounds like fun... except the whole video part.

Antonio Liao said...

go get it! Michael

sounds fun.... like another crazy for taiwan plan, if you need any help i'll be your back up, maybe one part of actor in the blog .. ha ha

Antonio Liao said...

serious ... I want be a part of it, and it's seem no lose on this project, nt7000 per day for fun could do a lot of crazy things...

i'm very energy cowboy ! pick me pick me...