Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Links, April 24, 2009

Lovely views on the blogs today....
  • Asian Defence on Taiwan's need for F-16s

  • Chinese students react to Jackie Chan's idiotic remarks.

  • Taiwan Identity on the Greater China Identity.

  • Jackson Broder, local baseball scout, interviewed

  • A-gu observes that Sun Yat-sen supported Taiwan independence, and on the new bill to give the same rights to Chinese spouses as other spouses enjoy.

  • Andres does the archaeological museum in Bali

  • The Foreigner discusses the call for increased surveilliance of locals because of child abuse. Taiwan is already one of the most watched societies in the world

  • Video: walking in Erkan

  • Wild at Heart on plans to dump nuclear waste in Taiwan

  • Letters from Taiwan on Chinese tourist opinions of Taiwan

  • Fili reports that Tainan's English teaching garbage trucks are back in operation. Why can't they just be sensible and sell advertizing?

  • Tea masters visits some porcelain exhibitions
  • MEDIA: Ted Galen Carpenter with a completely whacko piece in CSM, titled A Bold Plan B for North Korea, arguing that the US should support a Chinese overthrow of the N Korean government in exchange for a US pull-out of Korea and concessions on Taiwan. I'm looking forward to his next piece on living with stress, entitled Bold New Solution for Coping: Suicide. At the same time, William Cohen, whose firm does megabucks of business with China, argues for -- you'll never guess -- increased US-China cooperation in the WSJ. It's boring pro forma establishment talk, and makes things seem easier by omitting mention of Taiwan, but at least the WSJ blurb at the bottom says he owns a global business firm. ROFLMAO: The Onion on Jackie Chan, political analyst. The Ma teleconference and CSIS seminar on the TRA. Neil Moore at Ireport reports on Taichung mayor Jason Hu's thoughts on US-China-Taiwan relations. Well, at least Hu is good for something, then. A Japanese man begins a walk around Taiwan. President Ma urges US to sell Taiwan arms. WaPo reports on the Nanjing talks between the KMT and the CCP. Penghu still dreamin' of casino riches. Parris Chang in today's WSJ op-eding on China's Taiwan policy and the CCP/KMT United Front.

    EVENTS: Radio Taiwan International (RTI) is hosting a Mandarin Speech Contest"

    “Having Fun in Taipei”
    2009 Mandarin and Taiwanese Speech Contest for Non-native Speakers
    Sign up before April 30th!

    Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is the most familiar Taiwanese city for people living in other countries. In order to encourage foreigners to learn Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese, Radio Taiwan International (RTI) and the Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism are hosting a speech contest for foreigners. As long as you have lived in Taiwan for less than six years, you are eligible to enter. The contest offers an opportunity to not only learn more about Taiwan, but also to speak about how you have fun in Taipei and demonstrate your language skills.

    All contestants will be treated to afternoon tea at the Grand Hotel, and we will be present the first-place winner with a prize of NT$30,000 and a free night’s stay at the Grand Hotel.

    RTI Chairwoman Alice Kao has a hint for contestants: In order to encourage participants to learn as much as possible, those using both Taiwanese and Mandarin in their speeches will get bonus points! In addition to the top three contestants who will receive cash prizes from $10,000 to $30,000NT, there will also be one $6,000 prize awarded for each of the following: the most amusing, the most confident, and the most stylish contestants! You must sign up for this contest before April 30th. Our goal is to provide speaking opportunities for 50 contestants, so apply soon if you would like to participate. The competition rules and an application form can be found at

    For more information, call 02-2885-6168 extension 722 or 723.

    Contest Dates and Times
    Preliminary Round:
    May 17th, 2009 (SUN) 1:00-5:00 p.m.
    Venue: Evergreen Room, the Grand Hotel (No. 1, Chung Shan North Rd., Sec 4, Taipei)
    Final Round:
    May. 24th, 2009 (SUN) 1:00-4:00 p.m.
    Venue: Warner Village Plaza

    Also , the Wilson Center is hosting an event:

    Will the Real Taiwan Please Stand Up?
    Ethnic politics, policy and issues in Taiwan
    April 27 2009, 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

    Speakers: Melissa J. Brown, Stanford University; J. Megan Greene, University of Kansas; Emerson Niou, Duke University; Steven Goldstein, Smith College

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    Thomas said...

    Is Ted Galen Carpenter wacko? He has to know that doing what he proposes would pretty much result in vastly diminished US influence in Asia.

    Results: China maintains influence in any new N. Korean government.

    US must withdraw from Korean peninsula.

    (Both of the above would be a strategic victory for the Chinese alone. Let's face it, N. Korea is a pest but it poses very little direct threat to the US. Carpenter's proposal would result in surrendering the whole peninsula to Chinese influence.)

    Concessions over Taiwan

    (We all know that a debate is going on in the US over further support for Taiwan. But I don't think that even those who advocate making concessions over Taiwan would be in favour of making those concessions and getting little in return.)

    Michael, you have seen the full transcript of the Carnegie Endowment's recent panel over the Taiwan Relations act, right? That Sutter is a nutter. I can't believe so many people seem so clueless about events within Taiwan. Kooks like Carpenter and Sutter seem to think other countries like N. and S. Korea and Taiwan are one-faceted black boxes that can be cleanly positioned as chess pieces. How can those with so much experience be so ignorant?

    BigEll said...

    A Mandarin speech contest where you get extra points for mixing in some Taiwanese. That reminds me of my french speech contest in j. high where we had to mix in some quebecois.

    Anonymous said...

    All you is love.. ocupant family united..

    Chip said...

    So I guess it's obvious from those "responses" to Jackie Chan's remarks that he had an economic purpose in mind: that wasn't his own stupidity, just mouthing the Party rhetoric.

    Hope they have another Cultural Revolution on his ass: that'd be a great Public Criticism meeting.

    Anonymous said...

    The US is selling F-35s to Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and India (not ordered yet). It's curious how Taiwan is supposed to pull its weight with defense if the US won't sell Taiwan up to date technology.

    There already is such a huge numbers difference. Why tie another hand behind Taiwan's back?

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry for splitting into two comments-- more substantively, the F-35 is a stealth fighter with a much longer range than the F-16. This means that if China attacked Taiwan, it would provide a way for Taiwan's air force to sneak around the much more numerous Chinese fighters and attack staging areas for the invasion. Otherwise, with F-16s, you can only try to stop them after they've already come, and you will have to go head-to-head against swarms of Chinese fighters. That is not a winning proposition.

    reeb said...

    Here is a good follow-up to my previous comment in your ECFA post:
    Chinese Diversification Strategy by Jim Willie, April 23, 2009

    Dixteel said...

    "How can those with so much experience be so ignorant?"

    Perhaps it's exactly due to their experience that they are ignorant.