Monday, April 28, 2008

Tainan May Jam 3-4th

The annual Tainan May Jam is upon us once more. The date is the weekend of May 3-4, or next weekend. Last year's information is the same as this year's, so dig in...


TAINAN MAY JAM 2007 2008
The Tainan May Jam is a cross cultural original music event, featuring all kinds of Music, from: "Temple" to "Trash Metal", "Wedding" to "Jazz", "Folk "to "Rock". The Tainan May Jam wants to present the diverse music culture of southern Taiwan. Intentionally, different music genres follow one other, in order to show variety of music culture. While this event focuses on original music, but due to the nature of traditional music, some non-original music will be presented at the concert. However this event stands for tolerance, integration and encouragement. Further, despite Tainan's traditional outlook, this concert ("Tainan May Jam") wants to feature Tainan as a place of modern lifestyle. Since this is a family event children are very welcomed and wanted, they are our future, hope and dreams. In that regard any inappropriate material shown on stage or of stage, like pornography is absolutely unacceptable. The same counts for illegal drugs, etc. The "Tainan May Jam" is located the seaside at Anping, in a little forest, next to "Chou Mao Yuan". You don't have to travel all the way to Kending in order to have a good time at the ocean side, beach, sun, horseback riding, jet skiing, windsurfing or a simple good old BBQ. If you live here in Tainan, it takes you about 15 minutes to get there or if you come by train, you will have to take bus No. 2 or by taxi for about 200 NT$ from the train station. Like all outdoor events bad whether is always a factor we have to be prepared for and so had all previous "Tainan May Jams". There for the original "Tainan July Jam" had to be moved & renamed to the "Tainan June Jam", moved again & renamed to the current "Tainan May Jam". Hopefully this years event will stay dry without typhoon rains. But I must remind everyone, should there be rain in the whether forecast, the "Tainan May Jam" will be moved to the next following Sunday only. Should there be bad whether again and prohibit the Tainan May Jam to take place, the "Tainan May Jam" will be canceled then all together. For more information view the website on that day please.
Intentionally the "Tainan May Jam" is kept as simple as possible and as grass root as it could be, that not, even remotely a wrong impression of the intentions of the "Tainan May Jam" could arise. Further on the "Tainan May Jam" is a free, non-profit oriented and privately founded event, in its origin an event from musicians for musicians, to have one more opportunity to show their friends what they love to do. It is not a camping ground and the sanitarian facilities are spars but existing, the next convenient store rather far away but if you don't mind that bring your tent for a night, food and drinks and have a good time.
The "Tainan May Jam 2007" 2008 begins Saturday May 5th 3rd at 12:00 noon and will end at 22:00 PM and on Sunday, May 6th 4th at 12:00 noon and will end 21:00 PM too.


Please note again -- this is May 3-4, or six days from now. Lots of good music on tap this year.... Taiwan bloggers Johnny Z of the Real Taiwan and Michael Klein, AKA The Bushman, will be bringing down the house....


阿牛 said...

"Chou Mao Yuan" = 秋茂園, I believe.

Cedric said...

Hi Mickael,
the Tainan MayJam 2011 is coming April 30th and May 1st.
We already have 20 bands, all kinds of music.
More details, tickets price and new locations map on the website: