Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hoping Island Redux

My family, my parents, and my friend Jeff and I stopped by Hoping Island on our way through Keelung and on to Taipei a couple of weeks ago, and stepped out on the island for a while, but tropical storm Bilis drove us back to our cars in defeat. I did have a chance to snap a few pics. Here they are for your enjoyment. I've also added them to my page on The Strange Shore of Hoping Island in Keelung Harbor.

This sign has some great deadpan humor. On Hoping Island there is a cave where a cross and the notation "1667" is carved into the wall. There a remnant of Dutch colonials is said to have lived after Koxinga kicked out the main body back in 1661. As my friend Jeff pointed out to me, the sign says -- in all seriousness -- that it was designated a historical site in 2003, but was finished in 1684.


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Anonymous said...

Great photos, except for the sand bugs that were kind of gross. Looks like it was a good trip even despite the tropical storm. Hope you all stayed dry and had a nice time!