Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chulu Farm and the Luye Tea District

One pleasant little day trip out of Taitung city is swinging by the popular Chulu Farm and the Luye Tea District.

Chulu Farm has been around for some time, just preceding the mad wave of recreational farms that has swept across Taiwan in the last decade. What's interesting is that so many of these farms are all farming in a foreign idiom, with dairy cows, ice cream, and wide open spaces, instead of rice, terraced fields, and san he yuan houses.

Kids will like riding the horses, feeding the cows, and munching the ice cream.

Meanwhile stirring mountain backdrops will draw the attention of their parents. Chulu is situated on a slope with good views toward the ocean and across the mountains.

Not far from Chulu is the entrance to the Luye Tea District, here with signs indicating the names of tea establishments.

Here too are good views of mountain scenery and neat tea farms....

...along with places to drink tea and buy souvenirs.

Enjoy my page on Chulu Farm and the Luye Tea District.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a good day out. Thanks for the day trip suggestion, I will have to put Chulu Farm and the Luye Tea District on my itinerary for the next time I am in Taiwan!