Friday, March 17, 2006


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Been doing lots of hiking lately. Living in proximity to Ta-ken Scenic area, I thought we'd take advantage. It isn't reflected in a smaller waistline, but at least I'm not getting more rotund.

Last weekend we went out with a friend, Patrick, and his lovely wife Amy, who in another life ran a construction contracting firm. Like so many Taiwanese women, she manages to be both sweet and tough as nails. They are a beautiful couple, and have terminally cute children. It was then that I took the shots for the panorama above. I've been experimenting with how to get good shots to make a panorama with a straight lens like mine, but still haven't quite got it yet. The day was not good for a panorama, too dark, but at least it was clear. I processed the photo for greater brightness and sharpness, in addition to splicing it together. It does give a good idea of how insanely crowded Taiwan is -- like a Simcity program crossed with The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the construction never stops.

My son found this spider today when we were hiking. The spectacular black mottling on the abdomen and the white fur on its head make it especially attractive. Don't ask me why the little one is hanging out underneath it there.

I've been experimenting with lots of shots of tiny things, like these flower buds, only a few millimeters across.

Here's another one of those blackly lovely spiders, with dinner, a honeybee, stashed underneath it.

Another effect that makes beautiful shots is close-ups of faces, with the macro on. It really makes the foreground object stand out. In the background my wife, Patrick, and Amy have a chat.

Here we are after a long hike, resting at the top.

Patrick's son studies me.

For some reason I've been able to get a slew of lizards to pose for me recently.

Like this guy -- gave me just enough time to unscrew the macro and get off a shot, and then bolted.

This fellow calmly let me shoot him from all sorts of angles, and then slithered off.

This enormous ladybug waddled into the road on our way home. Here it explores my sleeve.

Resting at the trailhead for Trail 7.


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the spiders are cool. I also have been taking pictures of small things, and started a "textures" collection a while back.
That's the first time I've seen pictures of my kids "published". It makes me kind of...proud. Thanks Michael! Went to Linkou all day today to hang out with Mark, who I invited next Sunday to come see us in Taichung. HIke? Barbecue??

Mark said...

That skyline is an amazing shot.

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, guys.

Yeah, Patrick, hiking and barbecue sound great. Give me a call wednesday and we can figure out what we want to do.


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