Friday, March 17, 2006

The English Singing Performance

My wife chats with the other mothers.

On Thursday my daughter's school had its first ever English singing performance. All grades participated, and everyone had a very good time, although I doubt Virgin Records is ready to extend anyone a recording contract. I left after my daughter's performance, which turned out to be a wise move, for the principal was looking for me to make a speech. And if there is anything I hate, it is speeches.

My daughter and her best friend. Wisely, my daughter does not make the Asian Sign of Picture Taking in my photos.

My wife watches with one of the local women, whose friendliness and down-to-earth manner belie the fact that her family owns half the land in the area. Also present was our neighbor Rhonda, fresh from adopting yet another baby, and home with nothing to do but care for the baby, which is more than enough. In the background sits our young, idealistic principal, who gets high marks from me for his constant work in upgrading the school (glasses).

There's no such thing as an unjudged performance in Taiwan. Competition is drilled into the kids from a young age.

Sheridan stands tall -- in fact, head and shoulders above everyone else in her grade.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine."


Anonymous said...

That's a nice set of pictures, sorry you weren't up there singing...

Xty said...

pretty lovely girl :)