Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bonsai Association Exhibition in Taichung

Those of us who live in Taichung AKA The Desert of the Real, where we can't even go cow-tipping because there are no cows, can get a little splash of culture this week at the Bonsai exhibition over at my end of town. My family and I spent a pleasant hour wandering around the exhibition today and marveling at all the beautiful old plants. Here's a sample of the handiwork of many years of patient work (directions at bottom):

Directions: Head east out of town on either Wen Hsin Road or Sung Chu Road. When you get to Jun Gong Road (past the railroad tracks, past Han Hsi Hsi Road), turn left (north) and head up Jun Gong road. The bonsai exhibition is right before the fork that takes you to either Ivy English School or Fengyuan (Feng Hsing Rd), on the west side of Jun Gong Road, about 600m past the intersection of Jun Gong and Sung Chu. The Exhibition runs through Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how long the exhibition lasts?

Anonymous said...

It runs to Sunday. I've amended the main post. THanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

I haven't been to Taichung since March; it's nice to see there's something new in the "Desert of the Real."

Mad Minerva

Red A said...

Dude, it's winter here now.

Your whole family is wise enough to be wearing long pants. Get a clue.


Anonymous said...

good site

yoxx said...

wonderful :)