Monday, August 29, 2016

News and Events of Local Interest: Reforms to attract foreigners in pipeline, Daniel Pearl Day Concert

From the Facebook group Foreigners for Taiwan... a list of the Exec Yuan proposals for reforms aimed at attracting foreigners to work here....


Here is an English summary from the Executive Yuan on their amazing new proposed reforms for foreign residents in Taiwan. These are huge, people! It's like Christmas come early! Lets just hope it all gets passed:

New Executive Yuan's policy on keeping foreigners staying in Taiwan:

1. Finance
- Will work with private and public banks to assist foreigners get credit cards, debts, online banking and other services.

2. Tax
- The tax will be readjusted for foreigners living over and under 183 days in Taiwan per year.

3. Insurance
- Foreigners’ children will get national health insurance without 6 month of waiting.
- APRC holders will be included in the new pension system.

4. Residency
- The problem with ARC/APRC number will be dealt with.
- Adjust Immigration Act that foreign talents’ spouses and children can apply family visa to stay in Taiwan.

5. Visa
- For non-first time foreign visitors, it will be easier to apply for Visa online.

6. Work
- Will make it easier for foreigners to change jobs
- Bring more benefits to freelancers

7. International living environment
- Will review English road signs and add more international news and instant information.
- Arrange more bilingual schools for foreigners’ children.

Saturday, Sept 10, 2-9:30
Taipei Hakka Cultural Park

Join concerts in 130 countries, honoring the life of slain Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, and his quest for peace and racial harmony.

Highlights include, 2 outdoor stages, local restaurants offering food and drink, vendors, charities, and of course, you!

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Pearl Day link goes to last year's edition. Here's 2016's link:

Joshua Samuel Brown said...

Very good news. Thank you for posting this. ~ J

Anonymous said...

Why only spouses and children? What about elderly parents? Don't they believe in Confucius anymore?