Friday, July 08, 2016

Typhooned! and Train Bombed

Lots of tourism sites in the hills of Miaoli

Last night a local train was bombed at Songshan Station in Taipei. Various injury reports are circulating in the media, but it seems at least 24 were injured. No deaths, luckily. I'll be updating this as more news comes in... seems to be a fireworks package, no dedicated explosives such as plastic explosives, military weapons, or homemade fertilizer bombs, etc. Still looking for more details...

Imagery and video of bombing from SETV
LATEST: Major crime, not terrorism, say police.
LATEST: Suspect identified
LATEST: Suspect identified from DNA, is 55 yr old male, injured in blast, cannot communicate

Typhoon links are below the READ ME line. It is now pounding southern Taiwan as of 4:30 PM, the eye has already entered the Taiwan Strait. Heaven help the poor people in China who have to suffer under its pounding.

My friend Paul Batt posted this image of early morning Taichung.

I'll be updating periodically as typhoon Nepartak approaches Taichung...

LATEST: 250,000 Households w/o power in Taitung

Central Weather Bureau Typhoon News
Earth Uncut TV for storm damage in Taitung

4:15. Yeah. Nothing happened here. Feel terrible about Taitung, really a mess there.

1:00... well, typhoon appears to have avoided Taichung. It's hardly alone in that, most do. Time to run some errands....

12:00 Noon Taichung still dead. I think I will go for a bike ride....

11:01 My man Ben in Taipei says wind is picking up there

11:00 am and still nada here in Taichung

10:00 AM and no rain. Just dark typhoon skies. Seems like our typhoon is like everyone who comes to Taiwan: likes it and wants to stay bit.

It's 8:45 and no change. Dark skies. Typhoon doesn't seem to want to cross the mountains.

It's 7:15 am and light rain falling here in Taichung, no wind yet. The typhoon slowed as it reached Taiwan. The supermarkets have been stripped. I am well stocked here.

Video of the typhoon hitting Taitung
image of carnage from Taitung
Satellite gif of typhoon from space
Destruction from Taitung, it looks like
Facebook LIVE map streams videos from all over Taiwan, all the time. You can view ones from Taitung by scrolling over to Taiwan
Earth Uncut TV also has vid
TVBS video

Kaohsiung Video

Central Weather Bureau Rainfall map posted by David on Formosa shows rain hit Hualien and Taitung

Alapay Patalak's Facebook page: flooding and tree destruction in southern Taitung
Steve George of CNN on Twitter has gathered photos of Taitung misidentified as Taichung
EBC news image collection
These are from Facebook user Deana Pan

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Anonymous said...

Typhoon is definitely a big hit here in Kaohsiung: since around 5:30am or so the wind picked up to full blast level and torrential rain. Has sustained for the past 3-4 hours so far. Interesting to hear that during the same time period Taichung was calm; it always surprises me how varied the weather can be on Taiwan's relatively small land mass. Anyway, no mountains between Kaoshiung and Taichung so you should be getting your own solid blast of typhoon soon!