Sunday, February 21, 2016

PRC Rep in Houston hurts the feelings of 300 million Americans

The PRC rep office in Houston sent around these letters written in substandard English to a State Representative from Mississippi, Hank Zruber, who posted them to his Facebook site. Zruber wrote:
UMM! Chinese Govt asking me to stop supporting democratic Taiwan. Context: Annually, I make the time/go out of my way to coauthor supporting resolutions and meet the visiting Taiwanese Delegation! Why: I hold dear that every man has the God given right to live under the freedoms of religion/speech regardless of national origin, etc. Conflict is not intended nor desired. But, we should engage China to ensure these freedoms for the Taiwanese and one day for the Chinese people! I defer to our State Department but they have notice of our commitment to freedom in MS!
Apparently the second richest country in the world can't afford English editing services.
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Klaus said...

It is no longer on his profile. Not clear if he took it down or made it non-public.

Anonymous said...

Fascinatingly, previous links to an article about this "mysteriously" disappeared from FB. Why, and by who's authority? Who is manipulating this information and why?

I am sure there are many screenshots of this letter, and it will continue to be reposted.

The more often it is "mysteriously" deleted, the more likely it is that it will come to the attention of mainstream media.

I look forward to CNN covering this.

Anonymous said...

This link has been shared to CNN.

I will be fascinated to see if it, like previous posts on this subject, "mysteriously" disappear.


willy doit said...

just goes to show again just how pathetic china is

d said...

Zuber's facebook site doesn't list the letter from the PRC Houston office anymore...?

Martin Boyle said...

"Apparently the second richest country in the world can't afford English editing services."

Ouch. Catty ;-) Poor grammar in diplomatic, academic and business text does affect the credibility of the message. However, the same can be said of Taiwan's diplomatic communications. Look at any Taiwan Representative Office website. In fact, do a quick comparative scan of a random selection of PRC government websites and ROC ones. On the whole, the PRC ones are both more grammatical and more idiomatic.

Tommy said...

Boo hoo. I am really hurt.

Anonymous said...

Zuber is not a Congressman, but is a member of the Mississippi state legislature.

StefanMuc said...

Archive of the page:

Klaus said...

Nothing mysterious about the disappearance. He either deleted the original pics himself from his FB profile, or he simply changed the setting from Public to Friends Only. And boom, all public reshares will "mysteriously" disappear.

The question is, why did he decide to do that?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I have never seen an official letter from a PRC department using such a stamp.
1) The name on the envolope is writen in traditional Chinese instead of simple Chinese.
2) The center of the stamp should be a PRC national emblem. The right stamp is this:

So, you know why......