Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sunday links

Out walking with the DSLR for the first time in a while. The electronics don't work. Need a new Canon body. And a new human body, come to think of it.

Slow one today... felled by sickness, not out riding my bike. Home working and reading. Enjoy a few links.
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an angry taiwanese said...

I sense that more and more Taiwanese youths learn and are appaled by what an vicious and evil organization the KMT is. As the KMT is trying to create more prisoners and wage slaves from Taiwanese youth.

Anonymous said...

Regarding absurdities, there's not much difference in mental capacity between those who assume that the descendants of KMT who came to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War are in favor of unification and those who assume the descendants of the Japanese who remained in Taiwan after WWII are in favor of independence.

Jerome Besson said...

Anon@Nov2.4:17am is correct on one point or two. Certainly, not all Chinese refugees were KMT stalwarts when they reached Japanese Taiwan. And many among those of their offspring who remained on Taiwan instead of immigrating States-side are gratefully identifying with the Taiwan that nurtured them.

Identifying with Taiwan was made all the easier from the fact that there mother was a Japanese speaking native of Japanese Taiwan who had fancied herself a Japanese until early 1946. The overwhelming majority of the 23 millions inhabiting the present day Taiwan area are stateless offspring of Japanese on a Japanese land.

There forefathers enjoyed a Japanese passport and the advantages accruing from it. Under their Japanese identity, Taiwan-born businessmen thrived in China, Manchuria, Korea and later in the Philipines and further southward.

The Chinese political refugees and their offspring, on the other hand, have been vandalizing the Japanese Taiwan they enjoyed once they had substituted themselves to the Yamato Japanese they had expelled.

The expulsion of six hundred thousand Yamato Japanese from Japanese Taiwan was but another war crime. Customaries laws of war do not authorize the forced relocation of peaceable civilians. Likewise, as he events on the Israel-occupied West Bank remind us, the occupying power is not allowed to relocate its own population in the occupied area.

Those breaches in the conduct of occupation duties on Japanese Taiwan are verified through reports that the headquarters of US forces in the China theater sent to the nest of China-hugging ideologues that US-DOS was at the time.

George H. Kerr's "Formosa betrayed" records the content of those reports together with the situation on the ground that prompted them. Reading "Formosa betrayed" leaves one wondering why the principal occupying power tolerated those breaches of military code of conduct on the part of a lesser ally while the International Military Tribunal for the Far-East was considering allegation of war crimes.