Monday, November 16, 2015

Great News on Volunteer work & Visas

You'll have to go look here, but the government has made a major change: foreigners in Taiwan may now engage in volunteer work without it being a problem for the visa. Here is the letter, annotated. As an informed friend notes: "It's not true that foreigners couldn't volunteer before. They could, but it had to be through a foundation or institution with a registered volunteer plan. Now you can clean the streets as you please."
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Mike Fagan said...

Wot? You mean all that cleaning up in my local park I've been doing for the last six or seven years (local people's garbage, typhoon debris etc) was all strictly illegal?

Anonymous said...

Probably yes if you don't have an APRC or an ARC based on marriage. Incredibly, there was actually a case of a migrant worker who was doing exactly what you did. He was reported for working illegally and the required investigation followed. I'm not sure what happened to him in the end but there has been a lot of uncertainty over this for many years. Most of that uncertainty is now gone.