Monday, May 04, 2015

The Superior Rationality of the Rational Party

Longshanks: If we can't get them out, we'll breed them out.
The Rational Party was displaying its rationality at a gathering for KMT Chairperson Eric Chu and the Taiwanese business community in China. The video is here, it's been making the rounds in Taiwan. A Taiwan scholar summarized on Facebook:
I must say not all Taiwanese business owners in China are like this woman...

She said the most important political agenda right now is "KMT-CCP cooperation," and if the government pays attention to the desire of the 23 million people in Taiwan, then cross-strait interest will never "progress". She then moved on to say that her son married a Chinese woman in China, and if, statistically, each intermarried couple has two children, then they would produce more than one million votes, and that's how KMT-CCP cooperation can succeed.
Meanwhile, Eric Chu met President Xi of China, reaffirming the party's commitment to annexing Taiwan to China. AP report on the doings of the Rational Party.

Looking outside, I see the Rational Party's drought policies have at last borne fruit: it's raining.

UPDATE: Taipei Times report here.

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1 comment:

an angry taiwanese said...

The said business woman 董淑貞 has the most disguising and the most self-exposing business card I have ever seen. She is
1. vice president of Ma's worldwide supports alliance (馬英九世界後援會副總會長)
2. party representative of KMT (中國國民黨第18、19屆黨代表)
3. member of the World League for Freedom and Democracy (世界自由民主聯盟總會, used to be called the World Anti-Communism League)
4. oversea representative of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Jiangxi Province, China (中國江西省政協擔任政協海外代表)
5. oversea executive member of United Front Work Development of Chinese Communist Party (中國中央統戰部海外聯誼會理事)

This news makes me happy today :-)